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Oct. 8 -2015-

I am sure there are a million and one posts about “Brush Essentials” but I am adding my own two-cents to the mix. I don’t think that you need to spend a lot of money to have great brushes, that being said… There are some brushes that are totally worth the money! For a lot of the brands I mention, you can join a mailing list and get a percent off.


  1. Morphe MB39 ($15). I love this this brush for powder or liquid foundation! It’s amazing and so soft! It’s super dense so it does a great job when you’re looking for more full coverage foundation, but you can also keep it light because the bristles are very soft. *As of 10/7 it’s on sale for $15!
  2. Real Techniques Blending Sponge ($6). This one is a must have, and it’s like 10.99 for two! So that’s a great deal. You soak the sponge under the faucet and then squeeze all the water out, the sponge will literally double in size! Then you dry the sponge by squishing it in a dry towel. This is great for liquid foundation or concealer, the damp sponge will absorb any extra product from your face so you won’t look cake-y. I like to use it when I apply concealer, BB-Cream or tinted moisturizer. *On a side note, sorry it’s so dirty… I used it today. And I will be doing a “how to” for cleaning your sponges and brushes- so it’s also just practical.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Fan Brush ($8). I love this for putting on highlighter! I think it makes it easy to hit the right places and I also turn it so I get a thin line down my nose for highlight. It’s also great for putting on blush.
  4. Sigma Tapered Face Brush ($33). This brush is the best brush for contouring. Hands down.
  5. Sigma Tapered Blending Brush ($16). First, clearly I love Sigma brushes. Second, a blending brush is crucial, absolutely crucial to a professional looking eye shadow application.
  6. Sigma Flat Definer Brush ($14). I like this one for getting eyeliner really close to the lash line and it also works great to get shadow on the lower lash line as well. So it can do double duty!
  7. Sigma Large Shader ($16) This is awesome for putting shimmery colors right on the lid, especially when it’s wet. I also use these on the inner corner of my eye with a super light color to brighten my makeup and give my eyes a more awake look.


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