My Winter Favorites!  by - Maggie Abdo

Initially, I was going to call this my Holiday Favorites and then my December Favorites and then I thought about it more and I thought: it’s not very practical if you wanted to get some for yourselves! And winter is not even close to over… So! In no particular order

The Less Famous Beauty Sites by - Maggie Abdo

Happy December! I can’t believe the year went by so fast! What the heck?! Since we’re gearing up for shopping season, I thought I might list out some of my favorite beauty sites that might not be as popular as Sephora or Ulta. There are many places that you probably have

Brush Essentials by - Maggie Abdo

I am sure there are a million and one posts about “Brush Essentials” but I am adding my own two-cents to the mix. I don’t think that you need to spend a lot of money to have great brushes, that being said… There are some brushes that are totally worth the

Fall Favorites by - Maggie Abdo

I have seen so many Fall Favorites tags on YouTube lately… I decided to do my own here. This was totally inspired by Jaclyn Hill. If you aren’t subscribed to her already, you need to be! She’s amazing (total fan-girl moment there). I have made my little list of fall