That No Shopping Thing by - Maggie Abdo

Hi Everybody! So I’ve been meaning to write this post for a good while but I’ve procrastinated because… that’s just my nature. I recently had a second baby and I had some time (sort of) to do some thinking about my life and my goals. I really got to thinking

Getting Oily, Your Face That is by - Maggie Abdo

I have never understood why people are afraid of face oils. There is nothing to fear! I promise! But, in all seriousness, they can be dangerous (for your skin, haha!) if not used properly. This post will be a partial review/how to guide for what face oils I have tried

Exfoliation. Your skin will thank you! by - Maggie Abdo

A lot of people tell me that I have great skin, and I don’t “need” to wear makeup. And I always want to say, “Thanks, but I do need to wear makeup, it’s like an addiction for me…” #alwayslookingforafix One of the tricks I use to keep my skin looking

Eyebrows… why brows? by - Maggie Abdo

Hello Fellow Beauty Lovers! There are several common mistakes people make with eyebrows and I have probably made them all. I have decided to sacrifice my dignity for the sake of this post because I just love posting embarrassing pictures of myself. Mistake One: Not filling in brows at all

Those Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Brushes! by - Maggie Abdo

Cleaning your brushes is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself in the makeup world. If you’re a mama (like me), this becomes a “to do” on a seemingly endless list of “to dos”! But it is actually really important for several reasons. The first is that

Anatomy of a Makeup Brush by - Maggie Abdo

I was planning on doing a brush washing “how to” but then I thought on it further and realized that I should probably explain all the parts of a makeup brush. Then I realized that I didn’t know the proper names for all the parts of a makeup brush! So