April Ipsy Bag by - Maggie Abdo

Hello Beauty Addicts! (Okay I hope you’re beauty addicts then I’m not alone out here!) I got my April Ipsy bag and I was really excited, it was a good month! Also because it’s my birthday month! This month’s bag had a bunch of treats, so I am going to

Spring FabFitFun Box by - Maggie Abdo

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I am a beauty box addict! ADDICT. I got my spring FabFitFun box and it was amazing. I’m going to give you all a little preview and mini review of what I got! But first, let me explain FabFitFun, it’s a quarterly

Getting Oily, Your Face That is by - Maggie Abdo

I have never understood why people are afraid of face oils. There is nothing to fear! I promise! But, in all seriousness, they can be dangerous (for your skin, haha!) if not used properly. This post will be a partial review/how to guide for what face oils I have tried

Coconut Oil (and it’s many uses) by - Maggie Abdo

It’s me again!  I love, love, love coconut oil! I use it daily on myself, on my daughter… even my husband when he’s not paying attention! Coconut oil has many practical applications that don’t relate in anyway, shape or form to eating it!    Hair Mask – I do this

This Thing I Tried That Actually Worked! by - Maggie Abdo

I bought this washcloth thing on a whim at Sephora because I was standing in the checkout line and they have the best impulse section. The best. So, after reading the directions… There’s apparently a scrubby side and a soft side… I couldn’t tell which side was which. I just tried it

FabFitFun Box Review by - Maggie Abdo

I admit it, I am a sucker for monthly box subscriptions. I have to really hold myself back when it comes to getting them. So when FabFitFun box popped on Pinterest, I was all about it! $50 for $240 worth of stuff? HECK YES! So it’s a quarterly box, so you

October 2015 Ipsy Bag Review by - Maggie Abdo

I love monthly subscriptions! Ipsy is by far one of my favorites! I had Birchbox but I just didn’t like it as much as my Ipsy so I cancelled it. This month’s bag is gold on one side and black patent on the other. I love it! I use the