Eyebrows… why brows?

Dec. 29 -2015-

Hello Fellow Beauty Lovers!

There are several common mistakes people make with eyebrows and I have probably made them all. I have decided to sacrifice my dignity for the sake of this post because I just love posting embarrassing pictures of myself.

Mistake One: Not filling in brows at all or enough. Like the picture below, I just wasn’t feeling it that day or I was in a rush or I was lazy… but if eyes are the windows to the soul, then your brows are the window treatments. I know you’re not walking around your house without any blinds (or curtains)!

Yay, Disneyland! But seriously… I should have groomed my brows that day…


Mistake Two: OVER filling brows, ok so this one I did accidentally on purpose. I was trying new brow product (Anastasia Dip Brow) and I think I just failed miserably. When I showed my husband the “final look” he just chuckled and wandered away. I had to follow him to get some feedback and he told me my brows looked like Groucho… owcho.

On a side note, I’m still figuring out the Anastasia Dip Brow… I might stick with her brow whiz… it’s much easier for me.

Mistake Three: Over tweezing/threading/waxing brows. This was my deal in high school, I’m not really sure why people thought having no brows was adorable? Maybe I was learning to wax and that’s why… either way here’s a gem from my good old high school days… Bottom line: brows too thin (and I was NERDY!)

What am I doing?? UGH. Awkward Prom photo… and bad, bad brows…

Some people say that you should never wax your own brows but I have been waxing my own brows since high school. Waxing your brows is what I like to call a learnable skill. It takes time and patience and practice and you can totally do your own. If this sounds interesting I will happily publish my step by step for waxing my own brows. That being said, people commonly over-do their brows, I say only go under the natural brow line and use tweezers to get those pesky hairs that hang out just under the brows.

What is this?! Brows are ON FLEEK! That’s what!

Comment below for any beauty tips or questions you have!!

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