FabFitFun Box Review

Oct. 24 -2015-

I admit it, I am a sucker for monthly box subscriptions. I have to really hold myself back when it comes to getting them. So when FabFitFun box popped on Pinterest, I was all about it! $50 for $240 worth of stuff? HECK YES!


So it’s a quarterly box, so you spend $49 four times a year and every three months you get a box of goodies!


This is the picture of all the stuff that came in my first box. I will try to review everything from the top left going in clockwise order.

The top left is just the little catalogue that comes with the box explaining everything that’s in it. Next to that is the world’s smallest toothpaste sample and a coupon for Crest… okay. This is the point when I wasn’t feeling this box yet, because… toothpaste, really?

Strength tubing, I’m actually excited for this! I have seen so many exercises on Pinterest these days with strength tubing, so I was like yay when I saw this (and right underneath it is the video for it, which I still haven’t watched).

The purple tassel is from a foundation that works to end domestic violence. I don’t have a place to put this yet, but it’s been a year of fringe and tassels in fashion so I’m sure I will find a way to use it!

The box on the right is a face mask set made with real gold flakes! It is also the heaviest thing in the box. It’s like a sheet you lay on your face with holes for your eyes and mouth. The first one definitely felt really nice, but maybe you have to do the whole set to feel a difference?

I loved the Tribe Alive bracelet! It’s so pretty and dainty and perfect! I have already worn it several times.

The HiSY is this small portable charger for any USB device, which is great because the way I use my iPhone I’m always running out of battery! It doesn’t give more than one good charge so I’m not so sure about taking this anywhere long distance. I have one that I can use at least three times to recharge my iPhone and that is my go to for travel and such. But the HiSY one is awesome for being out of the house for the day, it’s lightweight and not too huge to stick in my bag.

The Manna Kadar is a primer gloss stain. So it does a lot of things… I tried this one on right away. The color is really pretty but I’m not sure about it being a primer, it’s too glossy to put a liquid lipstick or anything like that over it but it does have a nice minty fresh scent and my lips kept the color for a long time. So a gloss stain would be a more accurate description.

In Arizona, we only buy umbrellas when it rains then we put them away for the next time it rains, which is usually a year later and by then the umbrella is lost. It just happened that it rained the day after I got this box, so I was jazzed that I had a pretty, bright yellow umbrella to use!

The Dr D Schwab Flawless Skin Corrector broke out my skin so bad. I already struggle with cystic acne all over my jawline, and most of the time I can keep it under control and I don’t get cysts very often but two days after using this I had not one, not two but three cysts to deal with! I also had weird patches of dry skin all over my face after using this. It just did not work for me at all.

Last but not least, I am the most excited to use this! $15 off at reeds.com/jewelerswife which is awesome! In case you can’t see by the card, they have brands like Kendra Scott, Alex & Ani, Dogeared, Michael Kors. I have been looking online but I haven’t decided what to use my $15 to buy!

*Got a beauty question? Email me moreprettyplease@gmail.com. I would love to answer your questions here on the blog!

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