Fall Favorites

Oct. 1 -2015-

I have seen so many Fall Favorites tags on YouTube lately… I decided to do my own here. This was totally inspired by Jaclyn Hill. If you aren’t subscribed to her already, you need to be! She’s amazing (total fan-girl moment there).

I have made my little list of fall favorites, I think I might do one for every season, except where I live we don’t have seasons. We have hot and less hot. But I like to pretend there is a fall season, as I walk around imagining what the trees would look like if they turned all orange and golden. Moving on…

Fall Favorites:

Favorite Candle: Mulled Cider by Gold Canyon. To be honest, I burn this guy all year. I buy it in the largest size Gold Canyon sells and I always need more, more, more! It literally smells like crisp apples with a hint of cinnamon, so it’s fall-y but fresh smelling too.


Favorite Drink: I love Caramel Apple Cider! I know everyone loves the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, and I’m over here like… eeehhh.


Favorite Movie: The Blind Side. First of all, Sandra Bullock… AMAZING. And it’s about football which is totally a fall sport! Therefore- it’s a fall movie!

Favorite Book: Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty. I love this book! I have probably read it at least a hundred times. I put it in fall because the novel begins at the end of summer and beginning of a new school year for Jessica Darling, the protagonist. It’s about high school and love, but it’s not like a typical “shy girl falls for the popular guy” high school novel. There is definitely romance but it doesn’t end the way you would expect but it’s still such a satisfying, smart read!


Favorite TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder. Do I even need to explain? Shondaland… Oh man!

Favorite Food: Caramel Apples… See a trend here? I’m all about those fall apples!

Favorite Accessory: Scarves. Times a million. I love that I can wear a basic sweater-jeans combo and throw on a scarf to dress it up!


Favorite Skincare item: Fresh Lip Balm. My lips get so dry and chapped when the weather starts to change, I pretty much put on my lip color in the morning and then I spend the whole day only using the lip balm, forget the color!

Ignore the awkward girl in the background! This stuff is awesome.
Ignore the awkward girl in the background! This stuff is awesome.

Favorite Lip Color: NARS Vesuvio. I know everyone is looovvviiinggg those dark brown red colors, but what about a true deep red? I love that in fall with just a cat eye: perfection.

Essie and NARS
Essie and NARS

Favorite Nail Color: Wicked by Essie. It is like the perfect dark deep red. It’s not so dark that it looks brown. It looks like a deep perfect oxblood color. Or maybe a shiraz. Now I’m thinking about shiraz… my favorite fall drink should be: WINE.

On that note… is it too early for wine?

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