Life Update – I’m Baaaaaack

Jun. 3 -2018-

Hello Friends!

I haven’t blogged in so long, I feel like I may as well start over. And who knows? I just might, but for now I’m leaving my old posts up here. I wanted to do a quick life update and share some goals and plans for this blog moving forward.

Let’s jump right to it:

I had baby number two, a little boy! It’s been an overwhelming, crazy and amazing experience having two kids. Some days are awesome and I feel like the mother of the century and other days (most days…) I’m just glad that everyone is alive at the end of the day!

With the birth of my second kiddo, I’ve decided to move the blog in a new direction, not entirely dedicated to makeup. I’ll still talk about makeup because I absolutely love it! But I also want to add more of my real life to this blog. After all, I am also a mom, and I love clothes, and style, and home decor, and makeup (I love all the things). I know there are a million “lifestyle mommy bloggers” out there but I’m still determined to join their ranks! I’m far from a guru but I hope to share things that work for me and my family, and if I make you smile or give you an idea, then I’ve achieved my goal.

Last, but not least:

I have decided to give up shopping for a year! (I know! Kill me now!) Days one and two are in the books and I’m struggling, not even going to lie. I have so many reasons for this challenge but that’s all for a separate post. 🙂 I still will do makeup and style posts, but they won’t necessarily be about the latest and greatest. I think this will encourage creativity for me personally, and show that you can still look and feel fab- without running and out and buying something new.

That’s all for now but I’ll be sharing more on my shopping challenge very soon! Comment and let me know any topics you’d like to know more about!



4 comments on “Life Update – I’m Baaaaaack”

  • Laura Villar

    Keep blogging! I love your make up
    Tips & of course your outfits!!

    So about your NO MORE shoppping for a year, I say DO IT!! I did that in 2016. I bought nothing, no shoes, clothes or household items. In that year I paid off every single debt with the exception of my house and car.
    Plus still perged my closet and gave clothes away twice!
    It’s hard but yet such an amazing feeling!

    • Maggie Abdo

      YASSS! Laura this is my goal! I actually have been thinking about how I could actually shop more if I didn’t have debt already… the result of some good advertising and my own poor choices! More to come!

  • Soheir Flanagan

    Will try to do a curbing on my shopping, maybe it will work, at least for a while!
    It’s great to know there are others who have a problem with shopping and high expenditures as well.
    Rooting for your success and praying for mine. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more.

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