Spring FabFitFun Box

Apr. 11 -2016-

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I am a beauty box addict! ADDICT. I got my spring FabFitFun box and it was amazing. I’m going to give you all a little preview and mini review of what I got! But first, let me explain FabFitFun, it’s a quarterly subscription for $49.99 so it only comes four times a year, every three months. They also typically include a pamphlet with the “retail value” of the box. This month it was $282.91!


Sometimes I get a box and I get stuff that I am meh about because it’s not anything I would use or buy on my own but the spring box… oh yes! Come to mama!


Here are the goodies:
Herb Garden by MakersKit– I am not much of a gardener but I blame my “hostile living environment”. I live in a very dry, very hot state and plants just don’t grow here. *That’s actually not entirely truthful, I kill all plants unless someone else is responsible for them. So I will try this indoor herb garden and let you all know if I murder it like every other plant I’ve owned.

Contour Kit by ISH – I mean, it’s a contour kit, do I need to say anything else? The colors are pretty awesome and definitely work for my skin tone but I also think they could work for a wide range of skin tones. It’s a nifty little quad compact as well, which I just love.

Bath Bombs by Jus D’Amour – I love Lush bath bombs, so I am super excited to try these! I opened the package and they smelled absolutely amazing. They are made with organic ingredients and have essential oils so should also provide some skin benefits as well! It might be awhile before I try them and it will probably be around 2AM which is basically the only “me” time I get on a regular basis. That mom life… what can I say?

Keratin Gloves and Socks – I am REAL excited for these! In the summer time my feet are a hot mess, my skin peels a lot (it’s pretty gross) because of the type of eczema that I have. So, at night I will drench my feet and hands in lotion and coconut oil and put some socks on to give my feet extra hydration, I just leave my hands bare. I have seen gloves/socks at Ulta and I seriously considered buying them but now I got them in my box!

Tag Necklace by Jook & Nona – This is just a gorgeous, delicate necklace that says “Happy”. If you don’t wear gold, I don’t know how much you will love this but I have been mixing up my metals lately, so this will fit right into my jewelry collection.

Shaving Cream by HelloLegs – This lotion promised a better and smoother shave. I am a hard sell on shaving creams… Mostly because I am lazy and also because I use a Schick Intuition which has that lotion/soap all in one. But this stuff was AMAZING. My legs were super smooth and soft. I loved it! Their website isn’t up and running yet on Shopify but they partnered with FabFitFun to give a preview of their product.

Argan Hair Oil by Marrakesh – This is a spray form of Argan oil, it works really well but to be honest it’s like any other form of Argan oil you can buy. I didn’t see a significant difference in my hair from what I usually use,  so the product worked but it wasn’t so phenomenal that I’m going to go out and buy it.

Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew – This was probably the only thing in the box that I am meh about, the last box I got also had a resistance band. I am excited to use this on the two times I go to yoga a year…. It does also double a resistance band which is why I made the comparison and it’s PINK so, it’s not all a waste. Haha!


I got $30 certificate to Sterling Forever and a $25 gift certificate to 31 Bits so it kinda paid for itself. Kinda. I did a preliminary check of their websites before writing this post. Sterling Forever’s average price points were $40-$70 but I didn’t check out the sale part, so maybe I will find something there that I can use the gift certificate on. 31 Bits did have a lower starting price point but they climbed all the way up to $89 for some of their larger pieces, on average they ran about $30-$60. So we will see if I use either of those gift certificates.


Alright beauty lovers, that’s my review for the Spring FabFitFun box. If you want to try it out this is the link: http://xo.fff.me/dMchJ


I was NOT paid or compensated in any way for this review and I used my own money to purchase my subscription.

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