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Jan. 24 -2016-

Hi Fellow Beauty Lovers,

I went to visit my dear friend and sorority sister in another state recently, and so I decided that today I wanted to talk about something that is the worst: traveling! It’s not the (sometimes) exciting destinations that I hate, it’s the being trapped in a tin can with 200-300 other people with no fresh air. Something about flying just stresses me out  like no other. I don’t like going to the airport, even when I’m three hours (no joke) early I feel rushed. I almost always forget something or security is super slow or … anything else. I feel like there is something about planes and airports that makes everyone anxious and on edge. #rantover

Packing… and the anxiety begins…

I have some fool proof beauty travel necessities that get me through my flights (or road trips) no matter what. At the very least, I arrive looking slightly better than death warmed up.

Water Bottle for H20. Drink water. I can’t say this enough: water is essential for your skin, hair, nails… Water is essential for life, let’s be honest. I will pack an empty water bottle with me so that I can get through security and fill up at a water fountain. If you ask very nicely most of the food places will even fill up your water bottle with icy water (which I love!). It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even a tumbler will do just something that is empty so security doesn’t make you toss it and is lightweight (come on you don’t want to be lugging heavy crap around!) This one is on my wishlist!


Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizing Cream I previously talked about this stuff in my Winter Favorites post and I just can’t even with how much I love it! It’s great for traveling, especially because getting on a plane can really dry out your skin. I keep this with me in my little plastic “allowed” bag and I will put it on in-flight so my skin can soak it up while I’m in the air.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment I love this stuff! It quenches your lips and helps reduce wrinkles.  This goes along with bringing a face lotion. I literally cannot stand dry lips so this product is absolutely essential. I don’t leave home without it. I use the one with SPF 15, because the sun is not my friend… even though I wish he was and I love being tan. I just don’t want to look like leather when I’m 65, so SPF it is!

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Babydoll This color is my GO TO girl! Babydoll is one of those universally flattering colors, if you are tan, if you have pink skin tones, if you’re pale… it looks gorgeous on everyone. I use this gloss on clients all the time and they always love it. It’s also sold out consistently at Sephora, Nordstrom and even Neiman Marcus, which tells me many ladies love it just as much as I do. I will bring this along to give me a pop of color on my lips, so I don’t look totally washed out when I arrive at my destination.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer I will bring this along in my clear baggie too, mostly because being on a plane really does a number on my skin. LM Tinted Moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated and supple. It also provides a light to medium coverage. When I am home I definitely will use a brush or a beauty blender and build it up to a medium coverage. When I fly, I will use my fingertips (AFTER washing my hands) and get a light coverage on my skin to keep it even and dewy looking. It also has a SPF 20, so it protects your skin too!

Boi-ing Concealer This little concealer by Benefit Cosmetics is thebombdotcom (yes, I still say that). I use my ring finger and gently tap this under my eyes to hide my dark circles because sleeping on a plane is not the most restful sleep. Red-eye flights are the worst, but I would rather take a red-eye flight than an early morning flight. Getting up in the morning is a problem for me.

Bad Gal Lash I always find this in sample size at Ulta during checkout, which is perfect for stuffing into that clear ziplock baggie I mentioned earlier, I will put this on right before landing (along with Boi-ing) so that my eyes look bright and fresh getting off the plane!

I’m really into aviator shades right now, these ones from Quay (pronounced key) are adorbs and fairly affordable, especially when compared to designer brands. In the event that Boi-ing isn’t working for me in the moment, I bring along a pair of sunnies and hide my under-eye circles. I also feel like I look like a movie star (or a reality star). HA.


Some other small things I bring are: a warm scarf, a hair tie, 3-4 bobby pins, eye drops, my back up eye glasses (I wear contacts usually), breath mints, Advil, a mini hair brush, and an extra pair of underwear (no really, running to Walmart at 11:50PM to buy undies due to lost luggage is the opposite of fun…That’s a true story, by the way). I will always, always carry my toothbrush with me. Unless my flight is overnight (so over an ocean), I don’t brush my teeth during my flight, but I am paranoid about tooth care so my toothbrush travels with me in an adorable little travel case. I can make do with day old clothes because really… who cares? I tend to wear dark jeans or black when I travel, so really some Febreeze and you can go about your day until your luggage arrives! At least that’s what I do!


What do you bring when you travel? Is there anything on the list that I missed?

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